Szabo Istvanne – Hungary

Szabo lost 51 kilos (112 lbs.)!

'I could not believe it!'

“I was overweight for many years. I tried many different programs, but without any success. Sometimes I would lose a few kilos, but I would suffer from harmful side-effects. And after a few weeks, I would regain my weight and even more. By then, my weight reached 140 kilos!

The excess weight affected my overall health and well-being. I did not like the way I looked. I was always tired, and even walking was hard for me. GNLD's GR2 Control Program was my last hope. So I decided to try it, even though I was very skeptical.

After a few days, my weight started to decrease, and continued to do so week after week. I could not believe it. In 10 months, I lost 51 kilos!

And during that time, I have not suffered from any unpleasant side-effects. Now, I intend to lose another 15-20 kilos. My life has completely changed. I feel energized, more agile, and active. My health has improved 100%."



Tone Pecnik – Slovenia

Tone lost 25 kilos (55 lbs.)!

'Even the idea of a diet drove me mad!'

“When I retired 12 years ago, I started putting on weight. As a result, I began having health problems. I am 1.85 m tall and my weight increased 119 kg. Everything was very hard for me, even my greatest passion-mountain climbing. I was then introduced to GNLD's GR2 Control and I immediately realized that it was not a diet but a well balanced program that's easy to follow. In only 8 weeks I lost 25 kilos and now my weight is 94 kilos. I feel so good that I've resumed mountain climbing. And, I'm enjoying every minute of it."



Nina Smidhofer – Croazia

Nina lost 20 kilos (44 lbs.)!

'My life has changed 100%!'

"Even though I am very young I had several health problems. I played sports, but I did not lose any weight and I was unhappy because of it. I started taking Aloe Vera and I immediately noticed an improvement with my renal problem. The next step was a new diet. So, I was introduced to GR2 Control. I have learned to eat healthier. Now, I have more energy. I am always in a good mood, I never feel hungry, and above all, I have the body I've always dreamed of."



Taskai Ferenc - Ungheria

Ferenc lost 10 kilos (22 lbs.)!

'GR2 Control gives us the roadmap to a healthy diet.'

“My wife and I build our GNLD business in our spare time. For a long time I have wanted to lose weight because I suffered from high blood pressure. I started using GR2 Control and working out in the gym. During that time I felt – full of energy. I was never tired or hungry. Now my weight is 89 kilos. My blood pressure is normal and I feel fit! I am happy and I intend to share this program with everyone."



Dano Eva – Hungary

Eva lost 25 kilos and 101 cm (55 lbs., 39 inches)!!!

'GR2 Control was my last hope!'

"For many years I wanted to lose weight. I had even starved myself for long periods of time. In spite of all the suffering, I became fatter than ever before. I started GR2 Control on 28th May 2001 and after 5 months I lost 25 kilos and 101 cm! This program has not only been effective, it has changed my lifestyle dramatically. I am completely fit. Now, thanks to GR2 Control, I feel really good about myself. I like my shape and I am ready to face all the challenges that come my way."